Sunday, January 13, 2013

WHY... Why I do what I do.

Have you ever worked really hard on a work project only to have the final outcome overlooked? I know I have. Have you ever doubted the intentions of people you work with because of their actions? I know I have.

It Works Global is a company formed around family, fun and friendship. As I have only been in this family for a short time I have learned there is so much more to life then just working to earn money to stay afloat.. working to live. I believe to 'live' means, to live life to the fullest, to feel emotions up or down.. to experience things you only dream of. To make memories with the ones you love. Try new experiences, just because you can. The list goes on and on... When you think of living YOUR life, do you feel you deserve the hourly rate? The salary? What about working for what your worth? The effort your put into your business is what you get... the hours in my office marketing will pay off. All that effort I put in I know will pay off, I'm already starting to see it.

So, I know your all wondering...
Why do I do what I do? That's simple... I want to experience 'life' with my family... To provide things for my family I would otherwise be unable to. Take vacations that people only thought about in their dreams or seen in pictures. Make lifelong friendships.. in a business that will take them just as far as their willing to push. To be paid as I'm worth.

As a young 20's I feel as thought I should be started in my career or at least be working toward finishing a degree. It Works Global is allowing me to experience life as a business owner. I own my own business. I'm involved in booking all the parties, ordering all the products, doing all the research, placing all the follow up calls, doing all the marketing. Has It Works Global changed my outlook on life? Absolutely! I feel as though I have a product that has the ability to help people, I know it sure has transformed me... Mentally and physically. Some people don't realize the mental abuse people who are overweight endure. I now feel more confident and independent compared to before starting with It Works Global.

I come from a family with little. Growing up I remember times when money was 'tight'. Tight meaning candles as lights, no hot water 'tight.' I want to be financially prepared when I have children and I want to ensure they have a good future ahead of them. I want to give them a nice home, with their own room.. furniture that was bought for them, not hand-me-downs. Send them to private school because I can afford to. I'd like them to know that money is something earned. I remember going school shopping in August... we were lucky to get one pair of shoes, a backpack, and a pair of pants.. most of those hand-me-downs. I want to give my child the pink sparkle backpack that I couldn't ever have, the  nice brand new Nikes that I never had, the electricity that I didn't always have.  It Works Global is giving me the opportunity to give to my future family something I never had.

I've never been  on a real vacation either. The closest thing to a vacation is to a family dinner in the next state over. I've never been able to afford a vacation before and my family has never been on a real vacation either. I've dreamed of going to an exotic island or spend a week on the coast... or visit another country.. JUST BECAUSE I CAN... The potential with It Works Global is almost unreal...

The friendships I have entered into through this company are great. In the time that I have been with It Works Global the friends that I have acquired through the company are unlike any person I have ever been friends with. The team I am apart of is more like family. Everyone is so encouraging and understanding. If I'm ever having a bad day I like to check in with some of them, there is never a word of negativity. They taught me the value of determination. I am now a determined It Works distributor. I have had more positive interaction with this group then I have had in my entire life, and I say that literally. I've never been pushed in life to achieve something out of the normal. What I have done with my life to date was because I pushed myself. I went to school outside of high school, in a field that was suppose to be very rewarding, I became an EMT. I worked for a small EMS service and hospital. I am more then burnt out. I enjoy the interaction with people but just am very burnt out. I am ready to take my life in a completely different direction and It Works Global is a great opportunity for me. I am still able to talk about things that I know, the health field but I just don't have to deal with the schedules, the managers, the negative co-workers in this job. This is more then a job to me, it certainly doesn't feel like work to me. My 'co-workers' (up-line)  actually push me to succeed and that is a nice feeling. They want me to succeed and that makes me feel good to know that they actually care.

I'm ready to take my business to a 'whole notha level.' I'm ready to commit my free time, my weekends to It Works now. I work real hard now, to enjoy the good life later. I know I will see the light at the end of the tunnel, with hard work my dreams WILL come true. I work with some of the greatest people and meet some great people in the process with parties, vendor events and everything in between. To call this a job makes me laugh. If so, it's the best job I've ever had!

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