Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Successful Wrap Party Tips

Have you ever hosted a party where you invested a lot of time, money and effort and only one or two people show up? Well, I can say I have before too. I find the most successful parties I plan are being those that you do more follow up and less time, money and effort involved.

Show up early to ensure proper time to set up and discuss any questions with the host.

It's always good to have some sort of table cloth. Some people like to use the It Works logo towel, others prefer to get a banner made up.. what ever your decision ensure it is large enough for your work space. I like to use a 7 foot table.
When  you are a product of the product you will gain product bottles, wrap boxes, lotion/gel bottles.. keep them you can use them for a marketing tool. I try and save one pill from each bottle so that customers can see just how big the pills really are.
Brag books are a nice, easy way for the guests to see actual results. Your brag book can be filled with photos of your own results along with your up lines results, your customer/other guests results. It's also a good idea to take pictures of every guest prior to wrapping them so they can get a before and after picture (Some guests might not want their pictures shown to anyone or they might not even want them taken, be sure to ask prior to taking the picture.)
As each guest comes in, collect their money and then wrap them. Trying to collect money at the end is always a challenge and to ensure you get paid it's best to collect prior to wrapping. Wrap the guest in a private location, like a bedroom or restroom. Don't forget to measure each guest. The measure cards will be given to each guest after wrapping them. Also, guests like to know a little about the wrap so maybe a product information packet. I like to include the product information for the wrap, a page about how it works and what to expect and and order form. While they are waiting for the actual presentation they can read those. ENCOURAGE WATER!
Presentations during your party can include the It's Vital demonstration, Fat Fighter Demonstration, Sample the Lifting Lip and Eye Cream, tasting Greens and maybe a Greens Facial. Depending on time or even cost effectiveness you don't need to do all or even any of these. To get peoples attention about the products I like to do at least two of them at the parties I host.
Signing guests up for parties can also be fun as well. I like freebies and raffles, and so do our guests! During a party I like to sign as many guests up to host their own party. The incentive for this is a raffle. Each guest who signs up and KEEPS their party will be entered into a raffle. The raffle can be monthly, quarterly or anytime of your choosing. I also like to inform guests that if they have 5 guests or more wrap at their hosted party they will receive a FREE wrap! This really gets the guest excited about signing up for a party. Before the guests leave that signed up for a party leave don't forget to give them information about the parties (All they need to provide is water, and if they REALLY feel like they need to serve food.. small trays of fruit or vegetables is the maximum)

Pump your guests up before they leave by measuring their results. Get them excited about It Works! Don't forget to follow up with everyone post party to ensure the 'no' people didn't want to host a party and results from wraps. (Reminder: No isn't always forever, just right now...)

Something to remember each guest by can be kind of difficult when your wrapping a guest your not familiar with. During the few minutes it takes to wrap the guest ask them their name and write it down, along with something you talked about. When you call your guests for a follow up it makes their experience feel more personal if they feel like you remembered them.

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