Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How can I BLITZ my way to DIAMOND?

As I grow in my business I am finding that one ofthe best ways to get word out about your business is to BLITZ! It is still growing on me here through, it is not my favorite way to get the word out but it certainly is very effective.

Getting a blitz card in the hands of people that have never heard of It Works is truly amazing. The reactions of people faces when they hear it really works is pretty funny. When you can get your minute or two with people to introduce It Works into their mind you have to get kind of crafty. In those few minutes you need to know exactly what you are going to say before you walk up to someone and plant the seed.
  • Know The Product!!!  I will say this time and time again. If you don't know the product and can't answer people questions you won't plant the seed. To get people attention, when I walk up to them I like to say... "Hi, can I bother you for a minute? Have you ever heard of It Works?"  As easy as that people are interested when you hand them the card.
  • Blitz With Enthusiasm!!! When you hand a card to someone, SMILE... show confidence in the products. When people see that your excited about It Works they will get excited about It Works!
  • Be A Product Of The Product!!! I can't stress this enough... to know and understand a product you need to know the products. Showing interested people your personal results will show people that it really works! Yeah, you know the wrap works, I know it works.. but do they? Make them understand that these products really do work.
  • Don't Give Up!!! Blitzing can be a very stressful event if you let it be. Don't get discouraged by the no's... there will be lots of them. Once you get your yes, you will forget all the times you heard "no thanks." Also, remember.. no doesn't always mean no. No can mean not right now. Check back with people, you may have caught them at the wrong time.
  • Reel People In!!! Blitzing is a lot like fishing in a sense that your bait is your card.. and you're the pole. You may cast a few times before you catch anything.. and if you do you don't know how your catch will be till you've put in a little work. Make people interested in your product. Share personal stories.. carry a 'Brag Book'... or just share the card. Once you have them hooked, don't lose their attention.. keep reeling!
There are tons of little 'tricks' to help you on your way..

Carry raffle cards with you when you blitz. When you hard out a blitz card you tell them they could be entered into a drawing for a free wrap. Once you have their information, call them within the first 24-48 hours. Don't let them forget who you are.

If your at a busy location (sporting event, bus station, grocery store, etc) perfect opportunity is NOW! If you can get away with it, you don't need to say a word to anyone when you pass cards out. Long, fast paced lines are great examples... get your card out there! Grocery store lines are full of people with nothing better to do then stand there.. give them something to do. Take the opportunity to drop your seed!

During holidays people often overlook these as perfect opportunities to shower the community with Green & Black!
 *January- After Christmas sales = Lots of shoppers!
 *Feb- Valentine Blitz Cards... tape heart suckers to cards and pass out at work. Give to your childs teacher, the waitress, the cab driver... the list is endless.
 *March- Tax season! Lots of people have a little extra money.
 *April- Easter baskets with cards, samples etc. Maybe a basket with wrap give away???
 *July- Outdoor community wrap party.. Get everyone outside for a cold water and a wrap!
 *August/Sept.- Back to school... introduce your childs teacher to It Works with a card, wrap and a bottled water. Trust me, she'll call...
 *October- Trick-or-Treaters almost always have parents with them. I'm sure mom or even dad wouldn't mind a sucker or mini chocolate attached to a blitz card.
 *November- Black Friday sales!!! Need I say more...
 *December- Marketing in the form of gifts are a double win!

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