Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Is It Important To 'Plug In'?

So as you are traveling into your journey through It Works you will understand the importance of communication. Communication is HUGE in this business... if it's getting in front of potential customers or potential downline to communicating with upline.

This business has lots of tried and true ways of educating it's distributors. Keeping an open relationship with your team is a very good form of relaying information back and forth to each other. Ways to get informed on learning, upcoming training events or up to date news is through the conference calls and the teams Facebook pages. Those two resources are like gold to your business.

Even if your one of those kinds of people who like to do their own research and want to learn it on your own the team Facebook page will help your business grow tremendously! The teamwork and the open offer of help is always nice to have... trust me! The support on my team is that of nothing I have experienced in my life and we communicate daily through the page.

Conference calls are also a good resource to have as well. The calls can feature people such as Pam Sowder, Kami Dempsey, Nikki Moore, Denise Walsh.. and even your own upline! The calls are a very good VALUABLE tool for those kind of people who like to physically hear how others are positively effected by It Works. Need a little business booster? Listen to one of the calls, they always perk me up!  The neat thing about the calls is you can mute yourself and cook your family dinner or do other activities that need to get done... just as long as you listen. These calls are just jam packed with useful information!


I've managed to find several recorded conference calls, feel free to listen in on some on them!

Conference Calls are at 9pm EST Every Tuesday..unless otherwise noted. The number is 616-712-3139 or 865-291-0488 passcode 740528#

4/2/13- generating leads and being a leader..

3/26/13 bootcamp A-Ha's

3/19/13 intention, professional asker, professional finisher

3/5/13 compensation plan

2/19/13- Personality colors with Shannon Altom

2/5/13- Party pad.. before, during and after the party verbiage for success!!

1/29/13- Overcoming objections, recruiting and follow up

1/22/13-Conference recap and some Ah-ha moments!!

1/15/13-Generating Leads

1/1/13- Start anew!! Build a strong foundation with Nikki Moore and Denise Walsh

12/18/12-Leadership tips Success from Home promotional winners:from Mary Katherine (katie)
and Danna Magness..

12/11/12- Our in with 10 Success From Home qualifiers!! How IT changed their business

‎12/ 4/12 committing and generating leads

‎11/6/12 being intentional with Denice Belknap, Beth Bandy, Kiley Shafer, Shannon Altom

10/30/12 Pam Sowder...

10/23/12Mindset with Mike Potillo

‎10/16/12 Goals and setting them with Alicia Demeny and Nikki Moore

‎10/9/12 Your WHY!!

10/2/12 product knowledge with Lori Parsons, Rn and Julie Lee

9/18- Party the It works way with Danna Magness and Valerie Barnes

9/11 intentional withtime and guest Beth Bandy

9/4 generating leads and testimony with Jaime Peca

8/29 follow up and close those leads-end of month with Alicia Demeny and Nikki Moore

8/7/12 Entraleader...choose your mentality

7/24/12- not fastenough...

7/24/12- chiropractic call (choppy and tech difficulties in beginning, but hang in there

7/17/12- Generating Leads with Guest Denic

7/10/12- Team call with Triple Diamond Alicia

7/3/12-Building with intention and urgency with Mike Potillo!!

6/19/12- overcoming objections-updates

6/12/12- goal setting/resources
6/5/12-wrap shortage, have confidence..determine your why

5/28//12- Dt stories: Tammy Spray Ward, Debbie Carroll and Beth Bandy

5/22/12- how to grow your check..compensation plan and strategies

5/15/12-generating leads

5/1/12- party overview with LoAnn Toney

4/24/11- our attitude and reactions/responses carry us

4/17/12- Product info: Supplements with Nikki and Skin care with Julie Lee-licenced esthician

4/16/12- Prospecting call- business plan

4/10/12- Guests Esther Ross and Angie Myer with Host Alicia Demeny

4/3/12- spending your time-resources/goals id: dream pw: achieved

3/27/12- being successful with guest Shannon Altom, triple diamond

3/13/12-generating leads with Alicia Demeny and Kiley Shafer

3/6/12- Your WHY...make that dream board and figure out what propels you!!
(sorry i forgot to record until after the baby story!)

2/28- attitude and two team members who show that leadership quality and their journey
call got high pitch in the middle so two parts to the call with recording stopped)

2/21- build with intention and self confidence

2/14- 30 sec commercial, expo's and blitzing with Nikki, Kiley Shafer and Dawn Rogers

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