Friday, December 21, 2012

Have you even dreamed of earning a living at home?

 When you think about your future what  comes to mind? Maybe a house on the hill with a picket fence and a dog... a child at home and a loving spouse.. Dishes done, floors swept, laundry folded and put away... but where are you? Where would you be when your child has their first steps? Would you be there? Would you be at a 9-5 job working for some dead end company working for a number that just isn't what you had in mind...

It Works Global is a perfect opportunity for those people who don't want to miss out on living their life! Never will you miss your child's first steps because your stuck in the office, never will you miss a Thanksgiving dinner with your family because it's your turn to work that holiday, don't miss out on pay because you're sick... With It Works, you make your own schedule.. what you put into your business (because yes, it will be YOUR business!) is what you get out of it. Work as little or as much as you want. The opportunity is being handed to you but you just need to "work it!"

There are tons of ways to get your business out there to the rest of the world just waiting to hear about it...
*Blitz cards- These cards are like your business card. They can be handed out to random people, people you know, family, etc. Blitz cards inform people about the product without you putting in a whole lot of effort into expaining it... will you have more questions after you hard someone the card? Yes! Will you have their attention once they see what is on the card? Yes, and that is what you wanted! Attention to It Works!

*Parties- Parties open a lot of doors that just don't come in a store front. At a party people can try the products. The wrap is very affordable and anyone can try it. It is recommended for adults only though. Parties also allow the distributor an opportunity to gain loyal customers (LC's) and down-line distributors (DT's). Which will allow the enrolling distributor to gain commisions.... more enrolled LC's & DT's = more $$!

*Social Media- This can be a very great source for your business. Not only will it allow you to let all your friends and family and your neighbor down the street know what your doing but it will also allow you to educate people on It Works. By sharing pictures and other media you will gain potential customers which in turn will build your business. Social media is very popular at this time and will grant you the opportunity to reach a very broad number of people very fast. Starting your own blog, Facebook fan page, Pinterest account or other form on social media will help you jump start your business very fast! Check my Facebook fan page out!

*Customers- Guests from the parties you host will tell people, who may be interested in trying the product out as well. Returning customers are a very great asset. Guest or customers who sign up as LC's are a great advertisement tool. Be sure to check in on your LC's frequently to check progress and to see if they would like to host additional parties or who knows, they might know someone who would like to try it!

*YOU- BE A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT! By using the products yourself you will learn more and will know first hand how they work. Educate yourself before using each product so you yourself know how and why they work... because they actually do work! When people see your results they will ask you how you did it. You're a walking billboard... like I previously said, stay educated on the products. People will ask you and you don't want to lose a sale due to lack of knowledge!

As you decend down the list of people you know who might be interested in It Works products remember.. maybe there are people that you least expect to be interested. The people you least expect are interested.. proven fact. People you haven't talked to in years may start knocking at your door wondering how you "got your sexy back."

The potential to earn a steady income through It Works is there. There are plenty of high level distributors who are proof of that, Kami Dempsey, Denise Walsh.

To be financially free.... It's certainly worth the $99 start up fee. The kit is well worth it too. In addition to blitz cards and product catalogs you get a box of 4 wraps. The wraps could be sold or they could be used personally. Wraps tend to sell for $25-$30, distributors decide their own price.

I'm always up for answering questions you may have in regards to It Works. 785-851-8333
Or check out my site!

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