Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What do I need to know about events?

My calender has been booked with all kinds of vendor events, expos and blitz opportunities so I thought I would share a little on how I do vendor events..

Check your local Chamber of Commerce, newspaper, local social media page, City Hall bulletin board.. anywhere there is an event posted write it down, don't forget to include the contact information! Anywhere there is a large group of people it's a distributors 'Blitz Heaven!' Get your blitz on!! Find my tips on how to blitz here. So your browsing your rather large list of events, do you see anything that would need vendors? Call the contact information, they might not have an It Works vendor... BOOM, now you have an event!

Your so excited because you finally have your first event, but wait... you don't know what to put in your booth to attract customers?

It Works banner- Let everyone know your there and who you are! In the below photos the distributors used the It Works towel. I personally use a piece of fabric purchased at a craft store and I painted It Works on it. I've seen professional table cloths made as well. If you chose to not use one of these that is ok as well.  Also, as you can see in the second photo down there is a blitz card foam board, that is my personal board at that event. I purchased it at Staples and it was rather affordable. I have two and use them at every event,
Products- Skin care line, wraps (body and facial), supplements. I like to try and use bottles that are almost empty or have one pill in them that way you can show people the size of the supplement they will potentially be taking. Having wraps on hand at vendor events is a must, you never know when someone will want to but from you!
Product/ business opportunity information- Product flyer's, Success From Home magazine, Loyal Customer/ DT sign up forms, before/ after photos, Blitz cards.
Register Forms-  Holding a drawing is a MUST at vendor events! Items can be as simple as a body wrap or facial to a large basket, you can decide. Check with your event to see if you need to donate a raffle item to be raffled off. When people sign up for drawings, you as a distributor are gaining leads for potential business. If they're interested in trying it free by winning it they might be interested in hosting a party and trying it FREE then too.. which in turn generates money for you as the distributor, possible loyal customers and possible downline distributors! Register forms here!
Decorations- Optional! Take a look at the photos below. Each booth is different and decorating your both you can be as creative as you would like. Arrange the products in an attractive way to gain interest in your booth.

Photo courtesy of my Double Diamond upline Angie Meyer
Photo courtesy of my Diamond upline Kathy Ostrom
Photo courtesy of my Executive sideline Cindy Flippo
Photo courtesy of my Executive sideline Sarah Paul
Ok, now you know how to set your booth up! But wait, now what!?
Get out there and work your business, that's what!
*Sometimes events require more then one person working the event. I like to contact my downline team so they can get a chance to work a vendor event and your helping them build their business which in turn.. BUILDS YOUR BUSINESS!
*Get your blitz cards in people hands!
*Be knowledged in the products. When you know what your talking about your confident in talking to people about the It Works products.
*Get people engaged! Making your booth fun gets people to your booth. The more people to hear about your business, the more potential for business to BOOM!
* Smile! Have a good time at your event! When your excited, the people stopping at your booth will be excited!
* ALWAYS FOLLOW UP! There is no reason to do a vendor event if your not going to follow up with your contacts! Ask the lucky winner about booking a party and possibly getting a second wrap. Fully instruct them how to use the wrap, how to measure, how to order, etc.
After the expo is over your job is NOT done! You now have to follow up with every single lead in your drawing! You might contact them more then once. I like to label the register forms so I know which event they are from. On the back I like to put when I contacted each person (time and date, if I made contact or left a v-mail. I always have my calender out when I call because I might be able to book a party.
I can't stress the importance of follow up enough. If you have the potential to get business, GET BUSINESS. Don't be that person that is crushed because their lead signed up on another team... I've been there plenty of times. Follow up is important!
Not all events are the same. These tips can be modified to fit your event. If you have any additional information to help with events leave a comment below! 

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